When starting out with a website or blogs, you would need to hunt for the best web builder that suites you. we do feel the need to learn codes and other programming stuffs before we can go on creating our own sites. It’s very optional for you to do so.

It basically depends on you and how you want it to look like. Millions of websites are created everyday with the help of online web builders. They make your sites look great, easy to customize with drag n drop functionalities and responsive to screen size, all you need to do is signup for free and have your site online with just few bucks.

But before selecting a web builder, there are things you would need to decide on to make customization easy for you. Lets checkout popular web builders and how they can suite you!

1. What’s your purpose?

Most beginners usually skip this question before hopping on. You would need to describe what you wanna use your website or blogs for in just one word. It could be shopping, lifestyle, tech, sport, news, food, religious and many more. What basically matters is choosing a web builder that has that theme that suites your purpose. When selecting a web builders wordpress, wix, weebly, bloggerblogger, joomla, GoDaddy(godaddy), Squarespace and may more. Most times web builders are usually categorized according to their purpose. Web builders such as Squarespace, WooCommerce(by wordpress), magento are based on eCommerce. Their themes are well integrated to allow customers shop on your site.

2. Is it easy to use?

This question comes in when you’ve had a taste of different online web builders. Ease of use is when you can  customize almost anything on your site or blog. From recent studies, most users (especially newbies) prefer a drag and drop method, where you can easy drop pictures, change fonts, change colors to conform with that of your company or personal taste, drop social media links and many more without touching a bit of code.  Some of these web builders include Wix, wordpress, Hostgator and others. For example, wordpress allows you to integrate plugins to make changes easier for you.

3. Is there a refund policy?

When starting off, it would be wiser to register with a web builder that can refund you after a particular duration if you are not satisfied with heir services. Most web builders would give you maybe a free trial for like 14 or even 30 days, so you can get your money back if you don’t like it. Lets take a look at 3 popular web builders.


Squarespace Weebly Wix
No free plan like Wix or Weebly. But, you are given 14 days free trial period to try out their services. If you like it, you would have to upgrade to a paid plan. Once you’ve upgraded you can still later on decide to have your money refunded if you don’t like it anymore. You get a 14 day refund period after you decide to upgrade to a paid plan. Wix is also free to use before you decide whether you want to upgrade. So this gives you a chance to test them out before actually paying for it. There is no time limit to their free plan so there is no pressure to upgrade. A 30 day refund period after you decide to upgrade to a paid plan. Similar to Wix, Weebly is also free to use before you decide if you want to upgrade. There is also no time limit to how long you want to use their free plan.

4. Can you later change or adjust your theme without deleting contents?

This is where so many people have problem with. You may feel the need to change from one theme to another theme you have recently discovered but you still want to keep your hard written contents. It would be advisable to go for a web builder that can allow you to install several themes without affecting your contents. For example wordpress allows you to change themes from time to time without affecting your blog contents. It pretty easy to deal with web builders that offer backup for your contents.

Its very good to think deeply before selecting a web builder for your site or blog. Its recommended you have a feel of different web building platforms in order to be a pro. Go for something simple, interactive and responsive enough to suite you.

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