How to use YouTube!

There is a lot of publicity and advertisement going on the internet and you would definitely need to pick a social media platform to suite your advantage. YouTube is definitely one of the best tools for this.

Building a site and having it online is not the only reason for being a webmaster, you have to know how to offer other services to interact and help your clients with the help of a social media platform. YouTube would give yo an edge over the ordinary webmasters out there.

Here are some stuffs I want you to know today;

  1.  You can direct your subscribers to your website:  wondering the magic behind this? It’s quite simple! Help someone with an idea and have that person checking your website. Having a YouTube channel would give you the chance of releasing tutorials, latest stories, videos, broadcasts, promos and lots more. When you bring up an idea like -“how to” , “what is”, your visitors would definitely wanna learn something new on how to do something. The other thing required of you is just to add a link leading to where the blog post or downloadable file that has the essence of the video is on your website!
  2. You don’t need to only do what you do best:  please and please don’t get me wrong with this! You are definitely free to post a video of what you do best. But are you gonna get caught if you learn new things and publish lots of videos on it. For instance, you can be a web programmer who uploads videos on things like ‘how to own your domain” , “how to code in php”, “what’s the essence of Javascript”. It doesn’t mean you can’t wake up the next morning to post a video on “how to safely install Linux” or ” “how to install WordPress plugins” or even ” how to make money today”.  helping your subscribers with lots of ideas helps you to reason along with them. But , be careful when doing this. Choose what to talk about on your YouTube channel that relates to what you really do in one way or the other.
  3. know your audience better: i previously something like reasoning along with your audience. After you’ve published your videos here you would certainly get comments and views from your subscribers. Comments would help you give answers to your audience problems. It would also help you interact and engage with them in real time
  4. YouTube keeps your audience tuned in: Ever wondered why YouTube had subscribe buttons? Yep, it’s just to have audience tuned into what you do. On like the usual email subscription, your audience can always get updates on your latest posts and come back for more.



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